STEALTH STRIP Anti Chafing Cream POS 75ml

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STEALTH STRIP Anti Chafing Cream POS 75ml
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Strip anti-chafing cream forms a lubrication layer, its coconut oil based formula has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to protect against saddle sores, skin afflictions and sore butts. When you spend half your life on your bike you’ll appreciate an anti-chafing cream that reduces friction, keeps you fresh on long rides and is delicate on your derriere. Gone are the days of raw and well done, using steak as a chamois cream, this stuff soothes and works wonders. 12M Soothing, cooling effect Prolongs comfort and freshness Antibacterial Reduces irritation and discomfort Reduces friction on endurance road rides Thick formula lasts for hours in the saddle Helps prevent skin damage Essential for frequent rides Helps prevent jogger’s nipple